5 Things to Do in Bangkok During the Low Season

March 1, 2020
Chateau de Bangkok

For seasoned travelers to Southeast Asia, the words ‘low season’ do not conjure dreary images of being locked up in a hotel room. While it is true that some months of the year experience heavy rainfall, the low season offers a chance for tourists to see countries like Thailand in a new light. Whether you like visiting tourist favorites or going off the beaten path, a visit to Bangkok during the low season yields surprising experiences.

Here are five things you can do on your next low season visit in Bangkok.

  • Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s busiest tourist attraction. Its 500 Baht entrance fee is well worth it; you get to see the most important image of Buddha in Thailand and learn the history of the country while taking in its cultural birthplace.

The palace is a good place to visit during the low season. You avoid queues and experience the palace in cooler weather. Be there at 8:30 a.m., or as soon as the gates open for tourists, to make the most of your trip. Your entrance ticket also gives you access to the Vimanmek Mansion Museum and the Royal Thai Decoration and Coin Pavilion.

  • Play at Puzzle Room Bangkok

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, then you will like this attraction. Puzzle Room Bangkok is said to be the #1 Escape Room in Bangkok. It has four rooms—Bank Robbery, Prison Break, Lost Symbol, and Space Adventure. The facility is on Sukhumvit and is close to Asok BTS Station. The rooms are challenging for newcomers and veterans alike.

For the uninitiated, an escape room is a scenario-based game. You and a few of your friends are locked together in a themed room and are given clues, so you can solve your way out.

  • See Sukhumvit’s nightlife

For a more grown-up experience, this road is also famous for its party scene. You will find various nightclubs in this area, featuring music that appeals to fans of all genres. If you’re after a more relaxed after-hours vibe, there are a lot of rooftop bars and lounges here as well. Some places focus on specific types of drinks; there are craft beer bars and cocktail-centric ones. Sukhumvit also has The Comedy Club Bangkok, an English-language venue that hosts performances every Friday.

  • Practice surfing at Flow House

Since waves are unpredictable during the low season, you can practice riding at Bangkok’s only urban beach club. Instructors are present to guide you through the basics of standing up on a surfboard, so you can make the most of your visit.

Flow House has a wave machine and a plunge pool and brings a tropical vibe to the city. Aside from trying their versions of surfing and bodyboarding, you can check out other areas like their sports bar and games room.

  • Explore local parks and gardens

Although the low season is a time of rains, there are brief respites from the downpour. When you’re lucky enough to chance upon those, schedule a trip to Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park or Lumphini Park. The former is in Phra Pradaeng and is easily accessible via a short boat ride. The latter is right in Bangkok and is one of the largest parks and most popular parks in the city. You don’t need to venture far from the capital when you need a bit of slowing down.

Because the low season brings rains and wind, always be prepared for sudden changes in weather. You will also help yourself by scheduling your trips strategically. Choose to explore areas that are near your accommodations—in case it rains, you can get back quickly.

All of the places mentioned here are accessible from Chateau De Bangkok. For your next business trip to Bangkok, check out Chateau De Bangkok to find out how we can

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