5 Things to Look For in a Kid-Friendly Hotel

July 9, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Travelling with your family can be one of the greatest ways to create unforgettable memories that you will share for a lifetime with your family members. Truth be told, a lot of amazing stories start out with “so, when my family and I went on a trip…“, and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon! For kids, family trips gives them stories that color their lives and expand their view of the world even further at a young age. It’s a great way to help them foster a sense of appreciation for a variety of cultures. Once parenthood kicks in, it’s important to realize that you don’t only have to make the trip enjoyable for you, but for your children as well.


The struggle of traveling with children

Whether it’s mapping out an itinerary for you and your kids to follow or putting fine dining aside to feed the little ones fried chicken and other normal kiddy meals, planning your trips when you travel with children can often be a stressful, yet rewarding process. However, among all factors that can contribute to how much your kids will enjoy the trip, one thing stands out because of how big of a difference it can make: the hotel you’re staying in. As simple and insignificant as it may sound, finding the perfect kid-friendly hotel will make a huge difference in everything that will happen in your trip, your final bill, and whether or not they will enjoy the vacation you meticulously-planned for them. This, in turn, can affect your satisfaction with the trip.


What you’ll need to look out for

In order to avoid disaster from taking place during a vacation with your children to make the entire trip much smoother and more fun, here are some factors you’ll need to watch out for when finding a kid-friendly hotel:


1. The room you’re staying in

First and foremost, it’s important to understand whether or not your kids will be okay with the room you’re staying in. This is especially important because hampered or disturbed sleep can make for cranky children during the whole day’s worth of activities ahead. Most family and kid-friendly hotels will provide options that include two bedroom suites, adjoining rooms, rooms with kitchenettes, and separate cottages in order to make traveling, rest, and relaxation easier as a family.


2. The amenities

While playgrounds, kiddie pools, and kiddie recreation and play centers are dead giveaways as to how child-friendly a hotel is, some accommodation options will even offer babysitting services, high cribs, and cots at a minimal charge to ensure your overall satisfaction when travelling as a family.


3. The menu

Another surefire way to spot a kid-friendly hotel is to ask if they have a kid’s menu in their restaurants. Compared to the more mature and developed adult taste buds, kids often don’t enjoy adventurous cuisines and wining and dining the same way you do. It may be best to go for a hotel with a kiddie menu that can definitely spike up your young one’s appetite.


4. The description

Whether it’s on their own website or through a booking website, kid-friendly hotels will advertise themselves as family-friendly options in order to assure you that staying with them will make travelling with your children much easier than it would be otherwise.


5. The services

Aside from the previously-mentioned babysitting services, kid-friendly hotels will have a concierge and set of staff trained in entertaining your kids. Some will even offer a set of parent-child programs and activities as soon as you check in!


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