6 Vital Amenities that Business Travelers Seek in Hotels

December 6, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Business travelers find hotels the same way they conduct their business. They meticulously find the best option possible even if there’s a last-minute trip, and only a few rooms are available. However, even though a hotel and an inn can provide beds, pillows, and sheets, other factors help them decide the place where they will stay.

Comfort will always be a significant consideration for their accommodation. They want a place that makes them comfortable while resting or doing work. Aside from that, these travelers desire certain essentials and amenities to enjoy a worry-free business trip.

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1. Location

Location is their top priority because it helps them become more productive during their limited hours. Being at a central location reduces their travel time in between meetings because this allows them to get more work done. If their company allows them to book their accommodation, they usually use booking apps to search for hotels that are near a specific landmark or within a particular zip code.

2. Personalized experience

Business travelers enjoy hotels that give them a comforting stay. That’s why hotels are stepping up to provide automation that streamlines the guest’s experience and mobile apps that allow them to check out or contact room service. It’s more of a necessity now for business travelers because the app helps them select preferences that will provide the experience that they want.

3. Free & fast Wi-Fi

Those who are on a business trip need free and fast Wi-Fi connections because they often send reports to their superiors in their corporate headquarters, or conduct an online video call. Some hotels generate revenue out of their Wi-Fi by upgrading guests to a higher bandwidth for a fee. If that’s the case, the company’s representatives can negotiate a deal to provide the higher connection for their employees.

4. Power outlets

They must ensure that their laptops, tablets, and phones have enough power once they enter their hotel room. Aside from replenishing the batteries of these devices at the same time, there must be additional sockets for ironing clothes or other gadgets. Newer hotels tend to have more power outlets per room because they are aware that guests bring multiple electronic devices at a time. For sure measure, they even let guests borrow adapters that work with the wall outlets.

5. Multiple meeting rooms

Corporate travelers fly to a particular destination in hopes of securing clients and conducting important meetings. If they are pitching their business to a potential partner, they will seek for a hotel that has a conference room wherein they can refine and practice their presentation. Doing a dry run of their pitch gives them the confidence to seal the deal. If the meeting will happen in the same hotel, it helps if the conference room has projectors, screens, and power outlets for laptops.

6. Fast customer service

Because business travelers don’t have much time on their hands, they appreciate fast and effective dry-cleaning and shoeshine services. They cannot afford to waste time while waiting for their meal or their outfit to be ready.

Other considerations

Aside from those mentioned above, business travelers seek a hotel that offers delicious and healthy dining options. They also want to keep their blood flowing by visiting a fitness center that can accommodate more guests. If they still have time, they want to enjoy the view, dip into a swimming pool, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail drink.

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