6 Ways to Stay Fit While You Travel For Business

October 2, 2019
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Going on a business trip may force you to abandon your fitness routine for some time. Dedicating a few minutes to improve your physical well-being is challenging, especially when you have many meetings within a day. However, there are still ways to keep yourself in shape while destressing from business-related activities.

Here are six ways to stay fit during your business travel:

1. Check for fitness centers

This concern is settled if the hotel you’re staying in has a gym. If not, look for a place that has a nearby fitness center.

2. Bring some workout essentials

Aside from exercise clothes and shoes, you can also pack workout items, such as jumping ropes, hand grips, and resistance tubes. Bring a swimsuit as well if you will take a dip in the pool. Have your headphones or earphones with you as you listen to music while working a sweat. Carry a yoga mat if you are into this exercise. Otherwise, you can just use the floor in your hotel room or at the gym.

3. Incorporate exercise with travel

When you travel long distances, it forces you to sit for hours, which is not good for your health. Why not incorporate your workout into your trips? While wearing your running shoes, walk for a few minutes around the airport rather than waiting at the gate. You can also walk through the cars of the train or take stretching breaks while driving. Visit the airport’s gym if available during long layovers.

4. Move your body upon arrival

After unpacking your items at the hotel room, start your workout. You can either take a quick walk to check the vicinity or conduct a quick exercise using the equipment you brought. Take a few hops with the skipping rope or do some pushups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. If an immediate exercise is not possible, schedule gym time as if it were an important appointment.

5. Other exercises you can do

Walking is the most basic exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. Walk to your meeting venues to keep your blood flowing or take the stairs to your hotel room if you still have the energy and even visit the local park on foot. Remember to check safe routes around the place for worry-free walking.

Aside from using a jumping rope, you can also utilize resistance bands to strengthen certain muscle groups. The weight-like resistance helps tone your body as you conduct certain exercises.

You can also visit the hotel’s swimming pool to do several laps. Make time for the hotel gym as well to continue your workout even on a business trip. Join available classes that may interest you to allow you to meet new people at the same time.

If a pool or a gym is not available, you can watch workout videos in your room. Turn off the air conditioning unit to let your sweat flow while following the routine shown in the video.

6. Don’t abuse your body

Since the travel and meetings can leave you exhausted, it will be best to conduct shorter and lighter workouts. Likewise, being conscious about your fitness level may hinder you from enjoying your stay. Give yourself some rest to tackle the agenda for the next day. If you are feeling down before a meeting, squeeze in a quick exercise routine to pump up the energy.

Your health shouldn’t take a backseat while you’re fulfilling your work duties. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to! By following our tips, you’ll be able to stay fit as you travel, whether it’s a one-day stop or a week-long conference!

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