A Guide on Making Your First Business Trip to Bangkok

September 25, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a sprawling metropolis with a colorful mix of cultures and a hive of activity working around the clock in every corner. Think of it as the oriental version of New York, where the vibrant city never goes to sleep.

When exploring the busy streets of Bangkok, you’ll find a concoction of mouth-watering food stalls, eye-catching shrines, thrills, and people from different walks of life. Amid all the diverse cultures in the sweltering heat, you wistfully ask: how many more days until that business trip?

Count the days and prepare for the ultimate weekend getaway at the hidden urban paradise in Bangkok with our guide below! After all, the city is a hub for hundreds of hidden gems, and exploring the culture is one way to maximize your business trip.

Tip #1: Consider the Different Venue Services and Restrictions in Bangkok

More than just being a space for your business meeting, it’s essential to consider any other services offered by the venue. This will help you know which type of services would benefit your meeting. For instance, some venues offer good parking options and a valet for your guests. Others, on the other hand, provide security so you won’t have to hire your team or have their in-house setup and clean-up crew.

Hotels also offer additional services like catering, floral arrangements, and table rentals, all of which can contribute to the success of your business meeting.

Tip #2: Choose a Venue Based on Your Guests

The events you hold are mainly held for a given target audience – be it corporate parties, auctions, or large-scale enterprise events. To that end, knowing who your guests will be and the expected number of attendees are crucial pieces of information that can help narrow down your search for the best event space in a bustling city like Bangkok.

This is because many events space offers limited capacity, so having an accurate estimate of the number of confirmed attendees should help you choose which venue has the space to cater to your audience. Beyond having the appropriate amount of space, analyzing your target audience should also help you select a site that can reflect the guests’ expectations.

Tip #3: Learn How to Navigate Around Bangkok

Guests will need to prepare for the event too, which is why it’s essential to provide information ahead of time to increase the chances that they’ll have a good time. For instance, many guests may be unfamiliar with the venue and may need directions. They may also need to know certain things ahead of time, such as the availability of parking spaces, which modes of transportation to use, and more.

It’s crucial to host an event where guests can arrive stress-free and ready to jump in on the fun. On that note, guests who may be coming from out of town can be given extra care and attention by providing them with a list of suggested hotels as well as other details they’ll need.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget to Indulge in Gastronomic and Authentic Thai Staples

Bangkok is a spoiled choice when it comes to exotic cuisines, most of which are the hottest spots to stop by locals and tourists alike. The Thai staple ranges from posh restaurants, small mom-and-pop establishments, along with international restaurant chains spread across the tropical island.

Yaowarat Street in Chinatown, in particular, is highly recommended for its new and extensive selection of seafood caught straight from the Andaman Sea. The establishment itself is surrounded by the largest saltwater pools in Thailand, elevating the dining experience to unimaginable heights.

Explore the culture by digging into its different flavors, from famous Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Satay, Pad See Ew, Spring Rolls, Phao Pad, and more. This is an excellent way to cap off a business meeting as you can indulge in gastronomic delights in an exotic country, allowing you to mix work and play in a scenic city.

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