How to Choose the Best Hotel in Bangkok for your Business Trip

October 10, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Collaboration is incredibly important for businesses with global ambitions. With it, companies from different countries can allot their resources together to create world-class products and services. Because of this, the need to go abroad for business trips has become commonplace.

Despite the convenience the internet now offers, nothing beats a personal meeting. The connections forged in these face-to-face gatherings are stronger than the ones initiated through conference calls and instant messaging. Likewise, seeing a business’s operations in the flesh makes it easier to understand the situation at hand, possibly leading to more partnerships in the future.

Booking a flight and preparing for your presentations are crucial. Even so, ensure that you put time into selecting the right place of accommodation as well. In some cases, the company you are meeting may handle accommodation on your behalf. When you’re responsible for booking a room for yourself, however, you must make sure that the place where you’ll be staying ticks all the boxes. Here’s how you can pick the perfect hotel for your business trip:


Pay attention to reviews

Who better to evaluate a hotel’s conditions than those who have experienced it firsthand? Thanks to the internet, a hotel’s past customers now can leave their opinions online for everyone to see. They can brutally honest in sharing their thoughts and leaving an appropriate rating based on their stay. Therefore, conduct an online search for hotels in your destination with the best rating.

After you’ve taken a look at the ratings of each establishment, narrow your list down to five of the best and start going over the reviews. Make a checklist to note their remarks about food, customer service, room cleanliness, and facilities. Select the hotel that has a substantial amount of positive ratings and comparatively trivial complaints.


Consider the facilities and amenities you’ll need

Keep in mind that you are on a business trip. Treat it as such until your objectives are through and you have time to spare. There might be instances when you have to report updates from your hotel room. Because of this, it helps to have in-room telephones or unlimited WiFi connection for quick communication.

Although you’re primarily visiting for business, it’s important to look after yourself. Therefore, look for a hotel with a good selection of restaurants or coffee shops. Ask the hotel concierge if they offer laundry and press services as well. A swimming pool or spa is a nice treat to help you relax after a long day of work.


Prioritize location

It may not be the best idea to book a hotel that is an hour away from the meeting venue. Traffic can be bad during those hours, and you might end up arriving late. Aim to book a hotel within walking distance of the meeting place for easier travel. Go for accommodation within an area that has constant foot traffic even after office hours. You wouldn’t want to stay in an eerily quiet place by night time—unless that’s your preference, of course.

Whether you are traveling on foot or by car, look for landmarks that will help you get back to your hotel. This tip is important especially if you are in a country with citizens that primarily don’t speak English or your native language. Use the hotel’s shuttle service if it’s free of charge.


Put safety above all else

Researching about the hotel’s neighborhood is one thing. The measures that the hotel employ to keep guests safe is another. Here are some questions you can ask to assess the level of security:


Do they have round-the-clock security personnel guarding the entrances?
Are CCTV cameras installed in lobbies, hallways, and elevators?
Are there hotel staff at the lobby at all times?
Are the hallways well-lit?
Are elevators accessible via room keys only?


Treat yourself after a job well done

It pays to stay at a hotel that allows you to relax after a long business day. Such an establishment will have amenities that can help you wash away your stress and forget about work for a while. As you unwind for another busy day, the best hotel for your business trip will help you recharge for tomorrow’s grind.


If you’re looking for a business hotel in Bangkok, get in touch today and book your stay! We provide a central location in the heart of Bangkok.

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