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Chateau de Bangkok

Boutique Hotels What They Are and Why Would You Want to Stay in One

June 20, 2019

With the advent of the Internet, we can discover various options of things that we want and need to buy or do, unlike before when we were only limited to those offered to us by sales agents and in-stores. Now, even when it comes to traveling, we can also check out various choices of tour packages and accommodations before finally deciding on one.

Chateau de Bangkok

Why Use a Hotel Gym When on Vacation

June 19, 2019

Some people frown when they see other people going to the hotel gym while on vacation. They ask questions like, “Why are you going to the gym when you’re supposed to be taking a break?” They say a vacation should be a way to break the monotony of life, believing that when one is on vacation, they should stay away from their usual activities, including working out.

Chateau de Bangkok

Things to Look For in a Luxury Hotel in Bangkok

March 18, 2019

Many hotels call themselves “luxury,” but labels can be very misleading. Not all self-proclaimed luxury hotels have the key features that make them truly fine accommodations. Listed down below are the main features that will certainly give you a real upscale hotel experience...

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