Boutique Hotels What They Are and Why Would You Want to Stay in One

June 20, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

With the advent of the Internet, we can discover various options of things that we want and need to buy or do, unlike before when we were only limited to those offered to us by sales agents and in-stores. Now, even when it comes to traveling, we can also check out various choices of tour packages and accommodations before finally deciding on one.

While having options is beneficial in many ways, it can also overwhelm you. With so many good options out there, how can you possibly choose the best one for your needs and budget?

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ll share with you essential ideas and information about one of the excellent accommodation options that’s worth checking out: boutique hotels. So, read on to know why you should consider staying in one.



What Are Boutique Hotels?

Travelers who are looking for unique and exquisite accommodation experience while staying on a budget are better off considering a boutique hotel. However, what does a boutique hotel mean in the first place?

Over the years, the hospitality industry has evolved to offer various kinds of accommodation options. We have inns, five-star hotels, private villas, all-inclusive resorts, temporary homes, serviced apartments, and, you guessed it: boutique hotels.

There’s no standard definition as to what boutique hotels are, but in general, they are characterized by the personalized service that they offer as well as their custom themes and decor. Boutique hotels are also usually found in prime locations, and they feature some local flair.

Every boutique hotel has something unique to offer, and you can expect to enjoy more than just a clean bed and sheets, but a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience that you won’t find elsewhere.



Why Stay in a Boutique Hotel?

To give you a better idea, here are some of the reasons why a boutique hotel stay will prove worth it:


Instagrammable Rooms

Boutique hotels do not follow the usual hotel room design and vibe. They usually have themed rooms that do not lack creativity. Meanwhile, there are boutique hotels that instead of featuring specific themes, radiate a vibe of home, letting you feel like you’re not staying at a hotel but a luxury home.


Stellar Amenities and Services

The moment you step inside a boutique hotel, you’ll immediately sense the difference. You will instantly feel the personalized service that you’ll rarely experience in more prominent, traditional hotels or smaller and cheaper motels and inns.


Prime Location

Most boutique hotels are just a few steps or blocks away from key spots in the city they’re at. Aside from being near key prime attractions, restaurants, and shops, boutique hotels are also near primary transport terminals and services.


Good Eats

Not feeling like going out to eat? You’re lucky if you’re staying in a boutique hotel! They usually boast of an in-hotel restaurant or cafe that offers a menu rich of both local and international dishes and drinks.


Uniqueness in Every Way

Every aspect of a boutique hotel is carefully planned and thought of, from the hotel facade design to the room theme and furniture, and the overall experience. After a long day of touring, you’ll enjoy spending the rest of the day in your boutique hotel room.

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