10 Benefits of Booking Serviced Apartments

August 23, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Are you traveling for business purposes or out for a trip? Whether you’re alone or in a group, booking a serviced apartment comes with a myriad of benefits! Here are ten great benefits serviced apartments have to offer:

1 – Space
Apartments provide around 30 percent more space than a typical hotel. This means that you are given room to relax, sleep, and work. An ordinary one-bed apartment is twice the size of a hotel room.

2 – Saves Money
Serviced apartments will cost you 20 percent less than the rates of hotels. You don’t have to worry about paying for extras like room service either. The VAT also dops to four percent after 28 days, which means you save more if you plan to stay for long. Other providers accommodate a Mondays-to-Fridays booking for anyone on a business trip, helping them save even more money.

3 – Location
Usually, serviced apartments are situated in great spots. They are generally found in the center of the city, meaning that wherever you want to go, the place may be close by each other. These apartments are explicitly catered for tourists and business individuals alike.

4 – Flexible
You don’t have to follow a schedule here. You can come and go whenever you want to. You can cook when you’re hungry, work when tasks are due, and sit back and relax to watch TV. Serviced apartments even offer rooms for entertainment and business meetings!

Serviced apartments work exceptionally well for groups like families as the apartment consists of multiple rooms all converging into a single living room.

5 – Cooking and Washing Facilities
Having your own kitchen means you can cook food and save money. This is important if you’re following a special diet. These serviced apartments also have washing machines and dryers, either public or private. This is both convenient and saves you money!

6 – Extra Facilities
Sometimes, gyms, pools, restaurants, and bars may be what you’re looking for when traveling and booking accommodation. Many serviced hotels offer these facilities, which often are much better than the facilities provided by hotels.

7 – Extra Services
Many apartments even allow you to order items and purchase stuff before your arrival. Rather than heading out to the bar and paying more for service, why not sit back and relax in your room and enjoy all the snacks and drinks you want.

8 – Quality
Contrary to popular belief, service apartments aren’t dull. There are many types of apartment, from budget rooms to luxurious accommodations. Some apartments even offer an entire kitchen, equipped with utensils. Others still provide the softest beds and high-quality towels and toiletries. If you’re looking for the best, some even offer top-notch home entertainment facilities, which you can find in entertainment packages.

9 – Free, Reliable Wi-Fi
Most hotels either offer Wi-Fi that you have to pay for or no Wi-Fi at all. At serviced apartments, you get reliable Wi-Fi for free!

10 – Meeting Rooms
As apartments are much spacier than hotels, you can use the rooms for meetings. Meet around your dining table or wherever you want! Some places even offer dedicated rooms for meetings and will also help you to book spaces as required.

There you have it! Remember, not all apartments are the same, so take your time and do your research. This way, you can book the perfect serviced apartment for you and your group.

If you’re looking for a Bangkok serviced apartment in the city center where you can spend time with your family, get in touch today and book your stay! We provide a central location in
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