5 Tips To Help You Select The Right Hotel For Your Next Meeting

August 21, 2019
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If you find yourself in need of help to determine where to hold the next business conference or meeting, don’t fret. Hotels are a great place to hold such meetings. That being said, it’s important to remember that different establishments have different commodities. Here are five tips to help you decide on the best hotel to conduct your business meeting.

1 – Plan Your Seating Arrangement
Are you planning to give a presentation or is everyone going to have an active role to play? The type of meeting will help you determine the space you’ll need and the seating arrangement of the meeting room. If you’re presenting, you may need chairs for the guests. If you’re having a more dynamic meeting, you may need to provide tables for guests to write down notes.

2 – Know The Hotel’s Service
Different hotels offer different services. Check with the hotel’s Audio and Visual team to see what they have for you if you’re presenting. You don’t want to find yourself missing a connector or even a projector when you’re ready to hold the meeting. Other important aspects you will need to keep in check are Wi-Fi availability, catering, and anything else you deem essential.

3 – Visit the Location
Sure, it may look good online and on paper, but you can never be too sure. Ask for a tour around the location before you make your final decision. Check how guests are treated and which service is available. Also, make sure that the place is open during your expected date.

// Note: What To Do When Visiting
Pay attention to how you’re greeted upon arrival. This is an indication of how your guests will be welcomed as well. Look around and check if the venue is tidy and clean. Check if there is a car park for any guests coming with a personal vehicle. Also, keep notes to whether the car park is relatively full or empty. Ask if they provide food, and if they do, whether it’s free or not. If possible, sample some food items from the chef and discuss a reasonable menu. Pay attention to the staff around you. Are they friendly? Are they well trained? Finally, check if there is an open area, preferably outside as a place to take a break during an intermission.

4 – Accessibility to Location
It is a great idea to choose a location that your guests can easily reach. If your guests are coming from outside, choose hotels near the airport or a train station. Selecting an accessible site will allow everyone to arrive on time and get to work on schedule.

5 – Choose the Right Seat
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a meeting is the seat itself. If you’re holding a meeting that will run for hours, you must choose comfortable seats. Comfortable seats mean a more focused audience. Keep the chairs well-spaced to allow for stretching and extra comfiness. Put enough room in between so that they wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone next to them.

Follow these five easy tips to help you hold the best meeting! Just remember to take the extra steps before deciding, and your guests will surely appreciate your hard work.

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