Bangkok’s Best Museums – Where to Go

July 31, 2019
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Although known for its night markets and temples, Bangkok has its fair share of history, captured in beautiful essence in awe-striking and educational museums. Unfortunately, Thai museums have been known to be boring and dull, but that’s changing. Thanks to recent openings, Bangkok’s museums have enhanced and proven how extraordinary a visit to a museum can get.

Want to visit a museum during your vacation in Thailand? You’re in luck. We have listed down some of the most excellent museums in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson House

A famous attraction for new visitors to Bangkok, the Jim Thompson House is a masterpiece constructed as a traditional Thai home. Thompson, an American known to have revived Thailand’s dying silk industry, built this house as his home. He formed it out of six teak buildings shipped from around the country.

Today, it rests, displaying the brilliance of Thai architecture and art, containing a myriad of items Thompson collected during his travels up to the day he disappeared mysteriously while exploring the forests of Malaysia. Placed in the bustling city of Bangkok, the house also provides visitors peace and serenity through its beautiful gardens.

If you do want to visit this place, it is a short stroll from the MBK shopping center and the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. You also have an option for guided tours which will require you to spend some money.

Siriraj Medical Museum

Looking for a spooky place to visit? Want to surround yourself in the gruesome? Siriraj Medical Museum will do that for you. From baby corpses to accident victims, this infamous museum has it all. Their shelves contain a myriad of the grim. On display are babies with genetic disorders, human testicles affect by elephantiasis, and even the famous mass murderer Si Quey, along with post-mortem photos for medical students to examine. Want to visit this museum? It is just across the river from the Grand Palace. Best of all, the place is free! You don’t have to spend a single Baht to enter.

Museum of Contemporary Art

A world-class museum, Thailand’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) holds the biggest compilation of modern art in the country. Privately run, MOCA’s aims to display fine arts. The building itself is a testament to the artistic skill, like all the masterpieces within. Moreover, the building contains artworks that are deemed Taboo if located in other Thai galleries. Such works cover controversial topics such as social issues. Although a Thai gallery, MOCA also holds international works of art. Established far downtown, it is a place you should not miss, especially if you’re fascinated by art.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

For those hungry for a dose of art and culture, Thailand’s Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) has many things to offer. Being a community center, it holds all kinds of art, including contemporary pieces provided by the public. Located on the basement floor is a large art gallery. Talks, films, and even stage performances are held there. Complete with a relaxing ambiance, it is a great place to spend the day. The bottom floor also holds a few shops and cafes. If you want to visit this place, do know that the entrance is free!

Museums are like windows into the past. Enjoy your time there, marveling at the past, and appreciating our modern age. Have fun!

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