Figuring out the Best Season to Travel to Bangkok

January 24, 2020
Chateau de Bangkok

Bangkok has long maintained its status as one of the best destinations in Asia and even around the world. The bustling city is ever-vibrant, packed with tourist attractions, must-see temples and monuments, unique shopping markets and complexes, and exciting nightlife, as well as scrumptious cuisines.

When planning a trip to Bangkok, it’s highly advisable that you first consider the weather and climate of your travel period. The city has the advantage of vacillating between only two seasons: wet and dry. It is a tropical country, after all.

The climate is quite predictable throughout the year, with a few oddities here and there. Since it’s mostly hot and humid, Bangkok makes for an ideal vacation spot. To give you an idea on what to expect of Bangkok weather, here are some quick facts:

Hottest Months: March to May, the temperature can go as high as 40 C

Coldest Months: December to February, the temperature can drop to 20 C

Rainy Months: June to October

Traveling to Bangkok in the summer

Summer signals the start rainy season in Bangkok, but the downpours don’t last long compared to its peak. You may even revel in the afternoon showers as they help clear up the dust hanging in the air. If rain is not too big a factor and it won’t deter you from carrying out your travel plans, then summer is an ideal time to visit.

There are also lesser travelers, so you won’t find it a hassle to visit the most popular attractions. Plus, it’s typically the time where malls offer the biggest discounts due to the influx of visitors from around the world. Expect to score the biggest deals during the summer.

What to keep in mind: In addition to packing sunscreen, be sure to waterproof your valuable items to prevent them from getting damaged in the rain.

Traveling to Bangkok in the winter

There’s no actual winter in Bangkok, but this period is considered the driest, rendering it the most comfortable season to travel. The sun isn’t as harsh, and the humidity isn’t as severe as well. Then again, travelers commonly take advantage of the perfect weather to explore the city. People traveling from colder climates often leave their snowy areas and look for sand.

What to keep in mind: The “winter” months are still sunny, so best bring a reliable sunscreen and some comfortable clothing. Whatever you wear in the summer can also be worn during this period, just keep in mind that the weather can get a little chilly. Flip-flops are the preferred choice of footwear, although they’re prohibited in temples.

Given that the weather and climate in Bangkok are mostly predictable and manageable, you won’t go wrong visiting the city in any month of the year. Whether it’s the summer and monsoon season, you’ll still find tons of activities both indoor and outdoor.

It’s in your best interest to stay in an area that is accessible to the top tourist destinations and shopping malls. If you’re looking for a hotel in Bangkok that is near the city center, get in touch with Chateau De Bangkok and book your stay today!

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