How to Stay Healthy When Travelling to Bangkok

January 7, 2020
Chateau de Bangkok

Traveling is no excuse to skip the gym day. Going on vacation presents you with a chance to exercise somewhere brand new, offering you a unique experience and perhaps even revitalizing your will to exercise some more. Even if you don’t exercise often, it still pays to exercise a bit while traveling. Not only is it healthy, but it can also enhance your overall satisfaction with the vacation.

Unfortunately, exercising while traveling isn’t the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, you might be forced to exercise in your room. If there is a gym, it might be small and limited in terms of available equipment. Nonetheless, there are four tips you can follow to make exercising work for you during your travels.


1. Use Your Surroundings

When traveling, you most likely won’t be able to keep up the same routine that you usually follow back home. That’s because you might not have the same space or equipment to carry out exercises. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise at all. Take a look at your surroundings or head to a nearby fitness center. From there, you can check out what you can use to exercise. Plus, this is your chance to try something new, which is always fun.


2. Pack Workout Clothes

The perfect way to remind yourself to exercise is to pack some workout clothes to begin with. You don’t have to pack every piece of clothing you use at the gym. Just bring the ones you absolutely need. If you can, though, purchase some gym clothes that are light and comfortable. That way, when you reach your destination and unpack your stuff, you’ll find your workout outfits and be reminded to keep on exercising.


3. Set Achievable Goals

Nothing can demotivate you harder than a goal you just cannot reach. If you do so, you’ll only burn yourself out and make exercise unenjoyable, something you don’t want to face, especially on vacation. With that said, make sure to plan realistic goals. For example, dedicate at least ten minutes a day exercising rather than a full hour or so.


4. Choose a Place near a Fitness Center

While you can enclose yourself in your hotel room and workout, it is always better to exercise somewhere that offers equipment for you to use. If you want to enjoy an excellent exercising experience while on the travel, be sure to book a place that’s near a fitness center. That way, before or after your daily activities, you can make way to the center to utilize the available equipment. These facilities may have everything and even more than you need, so not only can you carry out the usual exercise you do but experiment with something new, as well.


The bottom line 

Exercising during a trip is easy if you make it so. By following the tips we’ve given you, you ensure that despite being away from your usual training zones, you can still enjoy the best exercise you can do. In doing so, not only do you maintain your fitness level, but you can face the day with greater confidence and enjoy your vacation so much more.

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