Our Guide on Bangkok’s 3 Seasons – When to Visit

September 23, 2019
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Known for heat and humidity due to its tropical climate and location, Bangkok (and Thailand in general) according to locals and visitors alike, has 3 different seasons: hot, hotter, and hottest.


Kidding aside, the reason behind Bangkok’s heat is the pollution that comes along with urban living, especially the sheer volume of cars and motorcycles on the roads every day. However, contrary to popular belief, Bangkok actually has three officially-recognized seasons: cool, hot, and wet. Now, what you read isn’t the title of a 90s album or the description of a strip club. It’s an accurate description and classification of Bangkok’s three main weather conditions.


Why it’s important to keep track of the weather

It’s important to know about Thailand’s weather because it’s a tropical country that’s packed with a wide array of cultural attractions and other scenic spots. One of the biggest disappointments that you’ll face should you come to Bangkok on a vacation is to be greeted by inclement weather instead of the warm and sunny atmosphere that you expected while you were planning your trip.


So, when should you visit Bangkok?

Knowing that flying to the Land of Smiles during the wrong season can ruin an entire trip (well, almost), we took it upon ourselves to provide a short and simple guide on Thailand’s different seasons to help you make your vacation plans:


Cool Season – November to February

You were probably looking for this part of the article first while planning your trip to Bangkok, so we decided to do you a favor by putting it first on the list. Bangkok is a city where the sun can make a huge difference in how things look and what you can do and see there, so the cool season is the best time to plan a trip to Bangkok. Why? Because there will be plenty of sunlight during that time without the heat and humidity.

However, the price of picture-perfect weather conditions is that concessionaires and other merchants will jack up their prices to make the most out of the high demand brought about by the influx of tourists. The cool season is the absolute best time to visit the beach without having to risk getting a sunburn or encountering mild to intense rain, so it’s best to save up more money to meet the raised prices head-on.


Hot Season | When?: March to May

Bangkok starts to get steamy as soon as the hot season begins, so if your trip coincides with it, put on thinner clothing and fewer layers so you will be comfortable. But if you’re after cultural experiences, the hot season is arguably the best time to visit Bangkok as the nationwide water fight that celebrates the Songkran (a Thai New Year holiday) takes place in mid-April. When traveling to Bangkok during this particular season, expect to seek shade more often than usual as things can get unbearably hot with no sign of rain any time soon, especially during the month of April. If you’re traveling to Bangkok during the hot season, book a room at a hotel with a swimming pool to keep yourself cool without having to dump water on your head.


Wet Season | When?: June to October

Also known as monsoon season, the wet season definitely doesn’t hold back in terms of rain, as the typhoons get stronger mid-way through the season. Typically, the wet season will have you seeing short periods of heavy rains from sunrise to midday for an hour or two at most. However, don’t be surprised when you feel that the rainwater is hotter than you’d expect. While grey skies are definitely going to be a common sight this season, clear blue skies will make an appearance every few days or so. The best thing about the wet season is that the country’s flora will look a lot more refreshed after it rains.


Aside from stellar nature conditions, one of the best advantages of visiting Thailand during the wet season is that prices in Bangkok fall drastically in an attempt to lure more tourists to the city, so it’s best to go there at this time if you’re traveling on a budget.


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