Our Guide on How to Deal with Bangkok Traffic

November 29, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Bangkok is notorious for its tantalizing street food, pulsating nightlife, and of course, maddening traffic. Although a trip to the city is certainly worth your while, you do have to take traffic into consideration when getting around. After all, no one wants their travel plans to be ruined because they’re stuck in gridlock.

Bangkok’s traffic dilemma

When traveling to Bangkok, expect heavy traffic during the morning peak hours of 7:30 am to 9:30 am as well as during the evening rush hours of 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. If you must travel during this time, give yourself ample time to reach your destination. Doing so is especially important if you have flights or train schedules to catch. Heavy rains also cause traffic jams in Bangkok, especially during the rainy season. The water can clog the drainage systems that struggle to cope with the continuous downpour, which only adds to the traffic.

Locations with the worst traffic congestions

There are various local hotspots all over the city where traffic tends to build up quickly, though some of these areas are far away from the main touristic downtown area of Bangkok. However, during peak hours, expect heavy traffic along roads where tourists often congregate, such as Silom and Ratchaprasong Intersection (Siam Square), Charoen Krung (New Road), and Sukhumvit Road. It’s impossible to predict traffic situations because of several factors, such as road repairs, accidents, road closures, and weather, among others. Yet, there are certain tips you can take you to help you deal with this worse possible scenario.

1. Avoid traveling during peak hours

Just like in any other congested cities in the world, traffic gets heavy during peak hours. As mentioned earlier, avoid traveling during those hours or avoid areas where cars may clog the road at certain times. Of course, harsh weather conditions, accidents, or holiday celebrations may also affect traffic conditions. Keeping your travel time to a minimum during rush hour will ensure that you have a stress-free holiday.

2. Take the Bangkok Train System (BTS) as much as possible

One of the best innovations in Bangkok is its excellent underground and sky train system that covers about 20% of the city. Avoid taking a cab or driving during rush hours. Instead, take the MRT underground or the BTS sky train. The one-hour trip that you will spend in traffic will be greatly reduced to just about 20 minutes if you travel by train. Even if it gets crowded when it rains, at least you are still guaranteed that you are moving towards your desired destination. We also can’t forget the fact that train rides are cheap and environment-friendly!

3. Take the motorcycle taxis

Motor taxis may not be the safest option, but they’re a great way to reach your destination quickly and at a cheaper rate when compared to taking a cab. With years of experience and local knowledge from saving passenger of time and embarrassment, motorcycle taxi drivers deal with traffic jams by utilizing the outer lane. Motorcycle taxi drivers are found everywhere on the streets of downtown Bangkok and can be identified by their blue, pink, or orange vests.

There are no magic tricks to deal with traffic jams in Bangkok or in any busy city, for that matter. Fortunately, smart planning can certainly make it easier for you to navigate the city without spending ages gridlocked in traffic!

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