Our Guide to the Best Thai Art Exhibitions in Bangkok

November 12, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its colorful streets, awe-inspiring temples, shrines, open-air bazaars, food markets, and vibrant nightlife. Beyond the typical must-visit attractions, however, the places that facilitate creativity and are home to the locals’ artistry is also something every art buff should have on their bucket list.

Thai’s buzzing capital is filled with splashes of talent at every corner, from traditional artists to local crafters. In between, you’ll find young artists emerging from the scene by putting a twist on cultural heritage by mixing in modern art forms, making it an excellent place to explore art and its various forms.

To that end, we’re listing down the top places you can find an abundance of these masterpieces scattered around Bangkok:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

One of the largest markets in the world, it’s no surprise to find it houses an extensive art section wherein art enthusiasts and artists alike can explore. You can expect to see a plethora of different art forms, from canvas artworks and photography to embroidery and sculptures.

In addition to visiting a museum’s worth of artworks, artists from different walks of life also gather together in stalls or galleries, holding live sessions where you can hire them to create custom pieces for you.

Bangkok Art and Culture Center

While it looks humble upon first glance, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center is one of the most impressive and most extensive galleries in the city. The architecture of the building is a work of art in itself as its design combines traditional Thai style with a touch of modernity using its high ceilings.

It’s home to a plethora of exhibitions and displays, which doesn’t run short on supply as artists contribute to the museum’s works regularly. It’s an excellent place to marvel at Thailand’s art. Tourists and locals can also take breaks in between with its extensive list of restaurants, cafes, creative workshops, and eco-friendly stores.

It’s a place that values social gathering and collaboration for artists, enthusiasts, and tourists alike.

WhiteSpace Gallery

If you’re looking to delve into Thailand’s contemporary works of art, WhiteSpace Gallery is the place to be as it has been promoting young Thai artists since its launch in 2006. The gallery is home to masterpieces that loves to play around with different mediums, proving that its heart is as colorful as the artists they’re trying to shed some light on. Visitors and art collectors can consult with artists for those who need assistance in choosing the ideal piece that speaks the loudest to them.

Bangkok is known as a diverse city and a hub of entertainment, which means that avid art buffs will find it an oasis as it is home to various galleries and art markets. Beyond showcasing exotic and local artistry, the top places also evoke excitement, passion, and creativity with its vibrant art scene.

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