Things to Do on a 2-Day Stopover in Bangkok

August 13, 2019
Chateau de Bangkok

Taking a trip to South-east Asia, perhaps Indonesia, but don’t know how to deal with the long flight? Maybe the best solution for you is a two-day stop in Bangkok, Thailand. These stopovers are like gas-station breaks for long car trips. It divides the travel time to allow you to stretch your sore muscles and enjoy a new surrounding before heading back on the road or in this case, the air. So, wondering what to do in a two-day stopover in Bangkok? Here are some suggestions for you!


Visit the Floating Market

Get down and local with Thailand’s floating markets. Take a ride on one of their longtail boats and meet local traders. If you’re looking for the best, head for Damneon Saduak or Amphawa. There are many things you can buy there, from food and drinks to souvenirs. Make sure to schedule to whole morning or afternoon as you can quickly lose track of time having so much fun in a floating market.


Enter Wat Arun

Named of the Indian god of dawn Aruna, Wat Arun is a temple located next to the Chao Phraya River. Standing at 79 meters high, Wat Arun is one of over 30,000 other Buddhist temples in Thailand. What makes this temple stand out is its beautiful architecture, a representation of Mount Meru, the center of the universe according to Buddhists. Visit the temple and stand in awe of its stunning design.


Take a Tuk Tuk Ride

Already have tons of plans in Bangkok but need a way to get around fast? A sky train ride might be useful, but that’s boring. Take the much more fun Tuk Tuks around Bangkok. Being one of Bangkok’s more famous modes of transportation, there is no faster way to reach point A and point B.


Marvel at the Grand Palace

Feast your eyes at the beautiful Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok, home to the Kings since the 1700s. Clothed in beautiful gardens and buildings, filled with temples and populated by an emerald Buddha, it is undoubtedly a place you cannot miss. Side note, if you do plan to visit the Grand Palace, you will have to dress modestly. Cover your shoulders and knees and follow the rules and regulations presented there.


Feast on Thai Street Food

If you’re a food lover, then you’re in luck. Do your taste buds a favor and smother it with local flavors and street food. Opening early and closing late, these food stalls is a must-visit for anyone who visits Bangkok, Thailand. Head for Sukhumvit Soi 39, Sapan Luang, or Ratchawat Market in the day time. There is a massive variety of food items from which you can choose. From noodle dishes to tasty grilled chicken, there is plenty for everyone.


So, plan your trip and fit in a two-day stopover in Bangkok. Not only will it give you a break from all the flying, but it will allow you to enjoy new cultures and experiences – all of these in the beautiful Bangkok.


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